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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lost Weekend

Well, I did it again.... pissed away another weekend. Not that I didn't enjoy myself immensely, it's just that occasionally I need to try to get things done on Saturday & Sunday instead of squeezing them into the narrow window available between getting off work and falling asleep.

Saturday was enjoyed in the company of fellow slackers. Little Bee Boy & I spent the day up in far north Houston at an undisclosed gaming compound/Golden Retriever storage facility playing LAN games for 18 hours straight. The scorecard? I can still hold my own at Quake 2, can bust some serious ass at AOE 2:Age of Kings (until they gang up on me...), but I really suck at Command & Conquer:Generals.

When we broke for dinner, I insisted on hauling everyone in the PimpSled to go confirm the existence of a brand new Krystal burger joint over on FM1960 near Kuykendahl. (non-Houstonians, that's pronounced Kirk-Ken-Doll) It was indeed there, and filled to the brim with those tiny little hamburgers, of which I consumed an obscene amount. Those of you in northern climes might be familiar with White Castle. Krystal's the same thing, more or less, just less white tile on the walls.

Continuing the "truth is stranger than fiction" routine, when we arrived, it was 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of a Krystal burger eating contest. The parking lot was already full of people, and fortunately we were able to get in, get fed, and get out before things got too weird. They were starting the first heat when we pulled out. I had no desire to see the resulting bazooka-puke that would inevitably occur sometime that night.

Today was also a day of Slack and Indolence. The bed refused to release me until about 2 pm. I haven't even shed the bathrobe yet. Guess I'd better get to fixing that if I'm gonna go see a flick tonight. Nope, not a productive thing done, as long as you don't count a bit of blog reading and fixing a few links on the blogroll. Oh, I fed the cats and also fed Bob the Betta fish some fishy kibble. That's gotta count as manual labor. Unscrewing the lid on that fish food jar is brutal work!

See, I'm not such a slacker after all!