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Thursday, March 31, 2005

More Confessions

Ok, I just gotta know... Am I the only one who catches himself humming the old Spinners tune 'Rubberband Man' when I'm in the supply room at the office? Maybe a couple of dance steps and a little hippyhippyshake as you gather up your paper clips and highlighters? OK, maybe it's just me.

Those darn OfficeMax commercials! I'll never be able to listen to that song again without having expandable file folders and glue sticks immediately come to mind. I actually really like the commercials, though. If you haven't seen the Officemax Xmas commercial called "Santa's Helper" that spoofs the old Rankin-Bass Xmas specials, you must give it a watch! Just shut your office door or keep a hand clamped over your mouth, 'cause you're gonna be teary-eyed with laughter. The fruitcake solution is pure genius.

Now, if you're a video professional like my buddy Zippo, you really should invest a few minutes and watch the "Making Of" clips. They really make me smile. That shoot looks like it was a lot of fun, and the audition segment is absolutely priceless. The clip that really made me bust a gut was the "Jaws" parody done as a teaser. The "Santa's Helper" making-of clip has gag-reel stuff all throughout.

I oughta get a free office chair for this plug, now that I think about it...

Go check 'em out. They never fail to make my day! It's in Flash format, and if anyone knows how to capture the films, I'd love to know!