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Monday, March 28, 2005

Tellin' About The Gellin'!

My feets, they be a-swellin'
'cause my body's like a melon,
But I hear an ad that's compellin'
'bout some insoles that are excellin'!

So I hit the pharmacist's dwellin',
To buy the insoles that they're sellin',
My wallet took a hit like Schmeling,
You need coin like Thornton Mellon!

The cushiony comfort was pain quellin',
But the heelpads see-saw like McLellan!
And the side-to-side propellin'
Got my stomach set for expellin'.

Still, the relief is upward wellin',
So to you I'm frankly tellin',
To your feets don't be a felon,
or they'll commence to smellin'!

So, like Rangers have their rappellin',
And globetrotting has Magellan,
And Wapner had Doug Llewellyn,
Your feets they want their Gellin'!