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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

One More For $hits & Giggles

Remember, Booze, Dope & Guns Don't Mix! Unless You Use A REALLY Big Glass...

Ok, Deathknyte just let me know that I'd forgotten another fun activity I enjoy, one that also happens to annoy the crap out of the liberal wussy PC sheeple population.

So, let's add some guns!

Here's my current wish list.

My life won't be complete without:

An M1A
A nice Garand
A Belgian-made Auto-5
A nice .44 Mag Redhawk
Gotta have a BAR
My newest obsession, the S&W Schofield
SIG's .45 Auto
As long as we're dreaming, howzabout a Tommy gun!
And a Mauser Broomhandle
And a pair of Ruger SP101 snubbies
Don't forget the M249!!
Finally, a gigantimous, Liberal-frightening Barrett Big .50!!!

And that's only the tip of my collecting iceberg!!