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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Watch Mommy Pee!

Jeez, That'll Scar A Kid For Life...

Oh... Mah... Ghod...

Words fail me. A device to hang your kid from the bathroom stall door while you pee.

Take a look:

I'm sure there are Moms out there that think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. They're probably the same moms that helped to ban yard darts, hang those ridiculous 'Baby On Board' signs in minivans, help enforce helmet laws, and smear Purell all over everything.

Please, as a former child, I beg you. Don't force your son to watch you relieve yourself, and for Pete's sake don't don't DON'T strap him to the door of the shitter if you just insist on having him in the stall with you. You'll be planting the seeds for a lifetime of therapy and the good chance your kid will turn into a serial killer. At the very least, you'll be encouraging an interest in bondage and coprophilia. And no one likes that stuff. OK, maybe the Germans do, but that's it!

At the very least, hang him so he's facing the door!

Via Engadget