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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

'LOST' - Season Five Begins!!!

I Should Have Started LiveBlogging Earlier...

My one TV addiction resumes tonight.

Locke's got to be getting a bit ripe by now...

Juliet is soooo smokin' hot. Even though she's spent the last two seasons mostly covered in sweat, dirt & grime, well, that just enables images of long, slow spongebaths... Mmmmm....

Wow. Death by dishwasher! Go Sayid!

Why rope Desmond back in? He deserves a rest!

Gahh! Ethan's alive, the troll-faced bastard!

Oh, wait, he's dead again. Sweet.

Nice to see Ana Lucia, even if she is dead...

Heh. Flaming Frogurt. Cool!

Hmmm. Even more Others. Interesting.

Well, more next week!