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Friday, January 09, 2009


Them Rednecks'll Eat Anything!!

Sometime in the recent past, cock-a-poos became spoodles. I was not aware of this until recently.

See, when you cross a cocker spaniel with a poodle, you used to get a mutt, sometimes called a cock-a-poo, mostly by people who like saying "cock" and "poo".

Generally speaking, mutts & mongrels have no curb appeal, so the dog breeders did some spin control and marketing, then created puggles and Labradoodles and Chihuamareiners and spoodles. Now we have new breeds of dog that you can charge $400 for, as opposed to getting them free by the bushel basket from the local pound.

OK, so that being said, I can get on with the tale.

I'm at a Sonic the other morning, getting my daily breakfast burritos. My life is so culinarily diverse these days. Breakfast burritos in the a.m., a salad in the p.m., lots of iced tea and Diet Dr Pepper in between to fill in the gaps.

While standing at the counter placing my order, (It's a rare variety of dine-in/drive-through Sonic) I saw they had left out the cook's guide to making the items on their new 99 Cent Menu.

To make a 99 cent breakfast burrito...

1 6" tortilla
1/2 oz shredded cheese
1 spoodle
egg mix
foil wrapper

Wait... WHAT??? I'm eating SPOODLE???!?!?!

Turns out I was reading it wrong. You use one spoodle full of egg mix.

OK, waitaminnit... You feed the spoodle egg mix until he's full, then use him as a dispenser? GROSS!!

Scratch that... wrong spoodle.

Turns out there's a professional kitchen implement called a spoodle.
Spoon + Ladle = Spoodle.

Well, that's a relief...

Which would you prefer?


Or This?