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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My New Favorite Phrase

Cause Of The Recession? Fannie Mae Was Mobbed By Cows!

Courtesy of Jingles, I have a new favorite phrase.

The phrase? Mobbed By Cows!

Dunno why... some things poke my funny bone at just the right angle.

I shall use this phrase for every occasion!

Late for work?
"Sorry, boss. Mobbed by cows!"

Lazy about yardwork?
"Yeah, I would have mowed, but the backyard was mobbed by cows!"

Are you going to the blogmeet?
"I'm not sure. We can handle the zombies, but what if we're mobbed by cows?"

Why is the sky blue?
"Obviously, the ionosphere was mobbed by cows!"

OK, back to work, before I'm mobbed by cows...