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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Siren Song Of A Model 97

It Would Look Even Cooler Nickel-Plated!

Collector's Firearms is dangling another temptation in front of me...

A refinished Winchester Model 1897 shotgun in the manly and useful Gauge of Twelve!

The refinishing and buttstock replacement have killed any collector value, leaving this bad boy as a reasonably priced shooter. Let's see, at $430 plus tax, that'll be $86 down, and three monthly payments of $115 on Collector's layaway plan... Oh, temptation, you are a cunning wench!

See, the Mod. 97 is one of those firearms that just oozes cool. It's got that Steve McQueen/Bogie thing goin' on, there's no artifice or illusion, just a solid reliable machine getting the job done.

Add to that the ability to unload the thing in a rapid & forthright manner via holding down the trigger and working the slide, each forward stroke firing the gun as soon as the action locks shut, and you quickly discover why U.S. Doughboys referred to the Mod. 97 as a "trench sweeper"!

The Mod. 97 in 12 ga. came with a 30" barrel as standard equipment. Using that as a measuring reference, this ought to be pretty close to what it would look like cut down to an 18" barrel and 28" overall length:

Just about perfect for an anti-zombie gun, right?