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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Ramblings

Whatever Ooze That Passes Through My Noodle!

Massive drama at the office today. I have the benefit of having a ringside seat, but no involvement in the debate or the final decision making. So, armed with my teflon poncho, I'm waiting to see the fallout of a turf war that could get really ugly. One one hand, I'd be happy to see Party A break off from Party B and take charge of matters and stand on their own. OTOH, Party A is largely ineffective without the firm guidance of Party B, and are likely to step on their own dicks and mistake it for forward progress. We'll see what happens...

Mom went up in a hot air balloon today. Kudos to her and the Red Hat mob. When those greyhaired biddies decide to go out for a light lunch, they don't fuck around!

(Yes, Mom would smack me if she knew I called her a biddy!)

Excellent episode of 'Lost' last night. I had my worries after last season's finale that they wouldn't be able to pull it together and wrap things up, but if the remaining episodes are similar, it's going to be a wild-ass ride to the end!

Mixing spearmint chewing gum and black cherry seltzer water results in a taste remarkably akin to dill pickle juice. You might want to avoid that combo.

For fans of Jim Butcher's 'Dresden Files' books, his 'Codex Alera' series is shaping up to be a mighty good read. I loved the 12 books of the 'Dresden Files', but had balked at jumping into the 2nd series because the mix of sword & sorcery seemed to lean too far towards sorcery. I couldn't have been more wrong!
The first novel, 'The Furies of Calderon', started out at a relatively sedate pace, but had a whiz-bang of a conclusion. The second book, 'Academ's Fury', was a roller-coaster ride set on "Eff You Up!" from start to finish. I'm about 75 pages into the 3rd book, and it's looking as good as the other two. Good characters, excellent plotting and a hell of a good time!

If you're seeking yummy treats without a lot of calories, I've been quite pleased with the jars of mixed fruit processed with Splenda. A mix of peaches, pears, pineapple and cherries, a 24 oz. jar is only 200 calories. One jar makes a great breakfast. Kroger and HEB have them under their respective house brands.

The Omnibus Driver is heading to Houston! Check out her website for the details!