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Monday, April 26, 2010

Go, Baboons, GO!!!

Don't Fire Until You See The Red Of Their Ass!

You know I couldn't let this pass without comment...
South Africans battle baboons in city streets

Cape Town, South Africa (CNN) -- As natural habitats disappear in South Africa, baboons and humans are increasingly coming into close contact, and conflict.

In South Africa's Cape Peninsula there has been a large-scale transformation of wild baboons' natural habitat into land for housing, industry and agriculture, according to the University of Cape Town Baboon Research Unit.

The result is that wild baboons are surrounded by humans, which the researchers say is causing human-baboon conflict to escalate.

Just about the only way this headline could've been better was if the baboons had overrun a mountain lair in Japan.

Then, we could've had the uber-epic headline "Ninjas battle baboons in city streets."

This might even be better than the Ft. Worth StartleGram's masterpiece of the evening edition: 'Poodle Slain By Archer'...