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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Tidbits & Cerebral Effluvia

Remember The Days When I Told Funny Stories? Me Neither...

1) Yup, it's another bad ignition coil. For those of you just tuning in, Ford decided to put an ignition coil atop each individual spark plug, rather than one central coil connected to the distributor. They seem to burn out at random intervals, usually when you're trying to leave town. This time it's cylinder #2 up for renewal.

2) For those of you in the DFW area, I'm trying to head your direction this weekend. I'd try to make plans to see a few of you, but with the truck acting wonky and an unspecified agenda for the family reunion in Fort Worth, I can't guarantee I'll be able to make any meetups with any certainty. So, maybe I'll try again a bit later.

3) Anybody looking for an upright piano? This one's a Remington/Starr, probably from the 1910-1925 era. It's in good order, just needs a tuning and some felt on a couple of the pads. I think one of the pedals is wonky, but it should be fixable.

It's currently occupying most of the front entry hallway, under several months worth of junk mail. I mention this because on the way out the door this morning, something small & squiggly dropped off the screen door and scampered across the tile and scooted under the piano. I'm pretty sure it was a gecko, but just didn't want to put my face too close to find out for sure. My piano playing days (such as they were) are behind me, and I'm tired of squeezing past it to get in the house.

Price is ridiculously low and eminently negotiable. Bring several friends, two or more heavy-duty furniture dollys, a lowboy trailer or liftgate-equipped truck and a shitload of tie-down rope. It's solid wood with a cast-iron frame, and weighs somewhere between 750-1000 lbs. If I have to move the damn thing, the price goes up $5000.

4) Have y'all tried the Magic Pop multigrain cracker/cake/tostada thingies? Since Project LOLA began, I've been off breads and tortillas, and these taste a lot better than the old-style puffed-rice cakes that resemble compressed foam packing peanuts.

They shoot them out of a cooker/pressure popper gizmo, and they're not but 15 calories each. I've been spreading herbed tomato paste & garlic salt on them for a faux pizza, and they go real well as a dipper for cottage cheese.

Eat 'em quick. They keep really crisp for a few days, but they soak up humidity like a sponge if you leave the bag open, and they're not so good at the chewy stage.

(Image lifted from here)