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Monday, September 06, 2010

Checking In

Hey, It's A Long Weekend. I'm Being Lazy!

No, I'm not dead. Nor have I given up on the blog.

Recent News:

Friday was Day 350 of Project LOLA. Things are still going well. Good news at the Doc's office. He's ratcheting down my BP meds, and making some other Rx tweaks since I've made significant progress on the weight loss. I was getting tired of the world spinning under my feet every time I stood up, and with my BP at 120/82, I don't need the dosage that would work for an elephant.

Despite a comfy rubber grip, shooting 100 rounds of 158 grain .357 rounds through a 3" barreled revolver will make your hand tingle just a bit. Also, .22 Magnum makes a nice little *pop*, but it's a bit spendy for casual plinking. Fortunately, there's a .22LR cylinder that works just as well in the Single Six.

I cannot recommend seeing 'The American'. It's a pretty film, but the numerous gun flaws will just piss off the shooters in the audience. Seriously, you're going to make an assassination weapon out of a Ruger Mini-14? Please...

Will the following people please leave my planet?
1) Slobs that leave dirty diapers on the pavement next to your car. Look, I realize that babies are little poop-geysers, but take that stinky shit with you!!

2) Assholes that bring toddlers to a late-night showing of an R-rated movie. Get a babysitter, or STAY THE FUCK HOME!!!

3) Douchebags that think that city streets are your personal NASCAR track. It's not a competition, Sparky. Passing me on the right and blocking me from my exit is a good way to get 5400 pounds of 4x4 on top of your fartcan-equipped riceburner.

4) Shitheads that tailgate. I drive the speed limit 'cause I like cheap insurance rates and don't like attracting the attention of Johnny Law. Want to find out what your airbag tastes like? Keep it up, dickhead...

More tomorrow. Maybe.