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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tiger Kat Vs. Da Skwerlz

Local Critterz

This is Tiger.

He's a big ol' tomcat, and has a surprisingly sweet meow that emerges from his softball-sized head. He's even been known to jump up in my lap when I'm outside sitting & reading, but only after the cigar has gone out. He's not a fan of burning tobacco...

Tiger "belongs" to the neighbors across the cul de sac. He showed up a few years ago, and learned that you could get free kitty kibble by standing outside their door and yowling.

He's outside 95% of the time, mostly sleeping on top of cars whenever he's not stalking the evil squirrels.

The annoyed look he's giving me is because I scared off the skwerlz when I fired up the truck engine. Kinda reminds me of old Bear Claw's remark to Jeremiah Johnson, "YOU are molesting my hunt!"