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Monday, October 04, 2010

Brown Leaves & Dead Pig

An Exercise In Overindulgence

I'm halfway through a Monday, and still feeling a bit logy from this past weekend.

My buddy Cisco Kid & I spent all day Saturday on the 14th annual West Houston Smoke & Powder Crawl. It was my 4th outing with the crew, and CK's 3rd.

Started back in the 90's by a collection of alt.smokers.cigars newsgroup people, it's an all-day smokeathon, starting in the morning at a shooting range, and wandering from cigar shop to cigar shop until evening, when a suitable cigar-friendly restaurant is the final stop.

I got there early to sight in a pistol for the cigar competition. Everyone tosses a primo stick into the pot, and winner gets the pick of the litter.

My cunning plan was upended, however. After getting a sweet little 1" group at 15 yards with the .22 Magnum revolver, the bullseye contest switched to a steel-plate contest, and I didn't have enough ammo to use that pistol.

I had plenty of ammo for the .45, but only needed one round to COMPLETELY MISS the first steel plate and DQ myself out of the shoot. My story (and I'm sticking to it!) is that I was shooting 200 gr. ammo all morning, and switched to 240gr for the contest, and inadvertently shot too low. Damn the bad luck...

The Cisco Kid did all right. 33 hits in a row got him 2nd place. Winnah and repeat Champeen was none other than the Layabout Sailor, who brought his neighbor up from Galveston to experience the fun.

After a nice (though S-L-O-W) lunch at Paul's Boat on Hwy 6, we traipsed all over town to various cigar emporiums. Cigars of the World on Hwy 6, Tobacco Habana on FM 1960, and Lone Star Tobacco just off of Louetta & 249.

Best prices & service were at Tobacco Habana, the best lounge was at COTW, and the most knowledgeable staff was at LST. Good shops all, but I still prefer Serious Cigars on FM 1960.

Here’s the box of freebie goodies I got. It’s short a couple of Montecristos that got consumed during the day.

(Click pic to embiggenate!)

The trio on the left and the tissue-wrapped Fonseca are direct from Havana. One of the Crawlers has a side business importing Cubans from Switzerland.

Oddly enough, the best one out of the bunch was one called a D8 Emperador by Vegas de Santiago from Costa Rica. A most tasty stick, and I'll have to cajole my buddy Rockhauler into doing a little Central American shopping on my behalf.

Last stop of the night was at Perry's Steakhouse up on Cypresswood. Perry's is an upscale joint, but they let us in anyway!

It's a cigar-friendly place, so we all lit up before, during and after the meal. The best part about hanging out with cigar folks is that no one gripes about secondhand stogie smoke!

Dinner was pretty damn tasty. I had the fried asparagus appetizer (covered with chunks of crabmeat and shredded parmesan! YUM!), and a slab of dead pig that was almost as big as my head.

Carved tableside, it's a huge chunk of pork loin with 4 ribs attached, and it's probably 2-2.5 lbs of solid meat. I probably should have paced myself, but this was my monthly splurge, and I devoured the whole damn thing.

As a result, I spent all day Sunday in & out of a meat coma, waking up only occasionally to go shpritz some asparagus pee.

So, if you're a fan of the cigars, make plans to attend the Crawl next year!!

Oh, I almost forgot...

The Layabout Sailor dared me to blog about this. The waitress at Paul's Boat (not the tall blonde Russian hottie, the other one) was a well-endowed blonde that wore a Play-Doh T-shirt. I got to wondering if that was an invitation to grab ahold and start molding to my preference...