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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Holy shit! Is it Tuesday already?

I was Four Seasons hotel downtown all day yesterday. If you've got to be stuck in a hotel conference room for 8 hours, make sure it's one that's plush! Got to be one of the nicest places I've ever dropped a deuce, that's for sure...

Got force-fed the latest and greatest on my particular segment of employment law. Felt pretty good knowing most of the room were practicing attorneys, but didn't have the depth and breadth of experience that working for The Man has provided. Makes me seriously consider farming myself out as a consultant and earning a few shekels on the side, at least enough to fund an LLD at some local ambulance-chaser academy.

Well, something to think about, anyway.

In other news, got the results from the latest bloodwork at the doctor's office. here's the rundown:

Fasting Glucose - 89 (normal = 65-99)
A1C - 5.5 (OK = <5.7)
Cholesterol - 130 (normal = 125-200)
HDL - 39 (normal = >/=40)
LDL - 72 (normal = <130)

Everything else is in the normal range, so aside from needing to kick up the HDL level just a touch, I'm looking pretty damn good, at least on paper. Looking good in my underwear? Well, I'm not quite there yet...

So, LOLA's a PITA bitch, but she does the job.

Now, it's time for a drink. Not to worry, it's just medication! One or two drinks a day have been shown to increase HDL levels! Wooohoooo!! More booze for me!!!