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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bundles Of Joy!

♫ ...Smoke Gets In Your Eyes... ♫

Had an interesting weekend after I got back from my sister's place.

First score was a big bundle of cigars. I'd stumbled across the Perdomo Fresco cigar a few weeks ago, and thought it was a pretty tasty stick. For under $2 apiece, though, they got a lot tastier. $47 buys you 25 at Serious Cigars!

There's another stick at Serious Cigars that's caught my fancy... At $28 each, though? I dunno. On the gripping hand, however, it's a monster of a stick. Big ol' 66 ring gauge (over an inch wide!) and EIGHTEEN inches long! That'll keep you busy all evening! Maybe I'll get one for Xmas!!

Next surprise was a huge box of reading fodder from Half Price Books. I used to play the board game BattleTech way back when, and had a pretty good collection of the novel tie-ins. I hadn't read most of these, and if they suck? Well, at $5 for the entire bundle, they can be turned into cat box filler without any regret!