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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Project LOLA: Day 365

Eating Healthy, Eight Days A Week

Well, here it is. Day 365.

One year ago today I began Project LOLA. For those of you just arriving, LOLA stands for Long Overdue Lifestyle Adjustment. I've quit eating junk food, fast food, sweets, chips, pizza, and basically any foodstuff that comes out of a paper bag, a drive-thru window or a vending machine. I eat a $h!tload of vegetation, and try to keep fats & carbs as low as possible.

So far, I'd have to say it's been a huge success. I've averaged between 10-12 lbs lost per month EVERY month, and somehow managed to keep from going on a chilidog or ice cream binge during that time.

Oh, I've stepped off the narrow path a few times, to be sure. Five weeks into LOLA, I posted a long list of foods that I'd quit eating, and did a followup around the 6 Month mark.

At the One Year anniversary, I have to report that a few more of the "forbidden" foods have gone down my pie-hole, but it hasn't become a habit. I've had a couple of cheeseburgers, two McMuffins, a couple of bratwursts, half a dozen servings of pasta, had a few steamed new potatoes, and even had 320 calories worth of ice cream. Oh, and beer. Probably a total of 3 6-packs over the course of a year, and maybe half a bottle of bourbon.

That stuff won't kill me, it'll just slow down my progress a bit. I know, you can pretty much rationalize anything, but LOLA isn't about permanent deprivation, it's about training myself to eat healthier and in more reasonable portions. Judging by my waistline, I'm slowly learning that lesson.

I've got a long way to go yet. I still look like a big fat guy, and I still feel like it most of the time. OTOH, my health has improved immensely, and my doctor is quite pleased with the progress.

I went out with the Cisco Kid this afternoon for a big plate of Mexican food. First enchiladas I've had in over a year! Call it a reward for services rendered...

So, the Project continues. I'll keep you posted, and as always, thanks to everyone for your continued support! I couldn't do it without y'all cheering me on!

Smoochas Gracias, amigos!