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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boot-Scootin' Boo-Boo

Where The Hell Are The Epsom Salts?

It's hard to describe the relationship between a Texan and his boots...

I dropped some serious cash back in the early 1990's on a pair of black bullhide Noconas. Wore the soles out twice doin' some serious moseying around the country.

Didn't always do the smartest things in 'em. Had to show off my Texas twang in Noo Yark Schitty. Ended up walking in the boots from Chinatown to Times Square one afternoon. Damn, talk about some sore feet...

The boots got shelved sometime in 2001. One of the side effects of gaining serious weight is reduced circulation leading to edema and swelling of the lower legs and feet. I just couldn't squeeze into them anymore.

A few months ago I dusted them off and tried to get into 'em. No dice. Even tried thin boot socks, but they weren't going on my feet.

This morning I tried again, and damned if they didn't slide on. OK, squeeze on...

Naturally, I let my ego dictate my footwear. Decided to wear 'em to work. Completely forgot I had to do some walking around downtown.

Ladies? Ever go from 9 years of wearing flats into some high heel shoes for a day?

I thought it was gonna take the Jaws of Life to get 'em off this evening. Gotdamn, but my feet are killing me!

Gotta take these things in small doses until I get re-acclimated!

They looked like these when new. Now, they're still shiny, but a bit down at the heel and frayed around the edges. They've got some serious mileage!