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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rocket Report

42 Dozen More Reasons To Like Tennessee

There were rockets this year on the Tennessee trip, but they didn't join the party until I was on the road home...


(Click pic to embigginate!)

On the way out of the state, I dropped in on the gigantimous fireworks store on I-75 and loaded up on a bunch of contraband.

Mostly, they're bottle rockets. Fun, inexpensive, and oh so illegal here in Texas!

I was amazed how little money it takes to buy a bucketload of pyrotechnic fun. I suppose having them legal year-round increases the supply and drops the price.

Those orange doohickeys in the plastic bags are called "Whistling Chasers". They were known by another name in my youth, which I won't repeat here. I haven't seen these in 20 years at any Texas fireworks stand.

I couldn't resist sampling the wares last night. The "Zips" on the bottom right I took to be those little spinning jumping jacks. The warning label says "Emits sparks and spins on ground".

Heh. As if... More like "Shoots out green flames, & rockets up 40 feet in the air with a warbling shriek!" If I'd known how cool those were, I'd have bought many more than five bucks worth...

It's gonna be a whiz-bang New Year!!