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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Capitol Journey

Traveling On Behalf Of The Man...

Had a quick trip to Austin yesterday. Well, quick as in just one day. 7+ hours sitting in the truck seemed like several days, especially the last 50 miles!

The Texas Guvmint had a confab on some new regulations, so I got to head to the state capitol and do some learnin'.

Of course, I had to get properly hydrated for the ordeal. This was the first of three Slurpees consumed during the day. All sugar-free, of course. BTW, how is it that the only sugar-free Slurpee in three different 7-11's is a Mango-Apple flavor? Not bad, but they really need a Diet Dr Pepper flavor...

Stopped at Bobalu Cigars downtown to get a sample of a few of their hand-rolled sticks. Don't forget to pet the pair of ginormous boxer dogs if you stop in!

The Capitol Dome is getting a facelift!

Stopped at Threadgill's for dinner with Dash Riprock. Dash lives in the area, and was the first blogger I met in person way back when.

They apparently have a problem with homicidal hypervelocity armadillos at Threadgill's...

Capping off the trip was a quick stop at my sister's place, where Sam and Grace got to climb all over Uncle Cap!

Next trip starts in a week, heading out to Tennessee!!