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Friday, October 22, 2010

Mystery Of The Missing McDonald's

Or, El Capitan Has His First Senior Moment!

Last week I was out in the east side of The Man's Realm, poking my nose into matters of middling urgency. Breakfast had not been on the agenda that morning, so I was a bit peckish.

Ahead on the left side of the freeway were the familar Golden Arches of Mickey D's. By a stroke of good fortune, it was the exit I needed. So, I turned left at the light, drove over the freeway, and pulled in to a combo Chevron/McD's for a sugar-free iced coffee.

Now, the east side of town is a bit different from the west side. For one, there was a huge rooster ambling around between the gas pumps, and I appeared to be the only gringo for several miles in any direction.

Nevertheless, the coffee was served quickly, and I moseyed off to my appointment.

Yesterday, I'm heading out to the east side for another meeting, and I think to myself, "Hey, go get another iced coffee!" So I did. Took the Lockwood exit, turned north over the freeway, and pulled into the gas station.

Which had no attached McDonald's. W....T....F....

The McDonald's was a block away, a bit further down the service road. A stand-alone McD's, no gas station to be seen.

OK, I'm in the Twilight Zone. They have gone and moved the Mickey D's, and done it in less than a week!

I was sorely confused... Had I imagined the rooster? Was McDonald's capable of building a new store and completely erasing the existence of the old one in less than 6 days?

Eventually, I figured it out. I had indeed exited the freeway via the Lockwood exit, gone over the bridge, and drove into a rooster-infested parking lot.


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