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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dodging the Axe?

Tremulous Times At The Man's Terror Tower

If you saw my Facebook post yesterday concerning the impending "reorganization", let me assure you that my job is not one of the ones in jeopardy.


We think...

Long story short, the new head of HR decided to do some empire building, and has convinced The Man that the HR-related functions that had been outsourced to the various departments needed to be pulled back into the central HR section, and while we're at it, let's cut the existing HR workforce by 20%.

They were clever about how they went about it. By making a huge cock-up in the training dept. re-org and putting under the tender care of a person with the compassion of Captain Bligh and the intelligence of a bag of hammers, no one wanted to get exiled to that area. So, when they asked people to define their job duties as a percentage of HR-related affairs, my boss thought it would be better to list ours as 50%+ HR, and thereby avoid getting slapped with the "trainer" label, although that's what we spend a big chunk of our time doing.

Whoops... we fell into their cunning trap. See, as a HR person, now we were obliged to toss our resume in the ring with every other person who fit that category, and interview for the positions available.

OK, if you didn't get one of the new positions, you can just stick with your old department, right? Not so fast, Sparky. The funding for your old position has already been transferred to HR.

Naturally, people are shitting bricks right & left.

Me? I'm not too worried. I'm the only one doing my particular job, and lean more towards Legal than HR, so a quick conference between my director and the Grand Poobah of HR has gotten me (mostly) out of the line of fire.

Still, it's best to take precautions. We're kind of short on lamb's blood in the building. I'm needing something to smear on the door frame of my office to keep the Angel of Unemployment at bay...