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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Shiny New Bathroom!

Eight Weeks & Umpteen Hundred Dollars Later...

With all the holiday hoopla, I forgot to show y'all the new bathroom!

There was a significant delay in the completion, not all due to Carlos the Unreliable's "maƱana" work ethic.

Nope, the cement around the drain didn't get sufficiently set before the tile was laid down & grouted, and a couple of days of showering loosened things up so badly that the tile and the cement needed to be torn out and reworked, then it got left to dry for 3 days with a heater & a fan running to make sure everything was rock solid. I was not pleased at an additional 3 days of spongebaths and washing my hair in the kitchen sink, but it's finally done!

This was the tear-out. The house was built in 1962, and as far as I know, that's how old the plumbing and tub were. The throne got replaced 7 years ago with a taller ADA-compliant model. Much nicer than squatting 12" off the deck! The old cast-iron and porcelain tub had to be sawed in half to get it through the doors, even after ripping off the door trim.

The joys of Hardie Board! Much preferable to gypsum drywall for bathrooms, but still a PITA to cut & fit. You can also see the floor tile going down. The little white circles are spacers to keep everything even and leave room for the grout.

Fun with floor tile! I forgot to get pics of the concrete work. To reroute the drain to the center of the floor took quite a bit of sledge & chisel work. Ever price the rental of a jackhammer? Concrete was mixed up in the wheelbarrow outside the back door, then carted in 4+ gallons at a time in a plastic bucket. It got poured down to surround the drainpipe & over the entire floor, leaving a slight slope to the drain.

The floor tile comes in 12"x12" sections on a net backing. Very easy to set, and much preferable to setting hundreds of squares by hand.

Driving me up the walls... The wall tile uses 12" squares. The small squares will stick to the adhesive. Not the big ones. Two fell off and cracked, so drywall screws held them in place until set.

The finished floor!

Fixtures attached! Tile grouted & sealed! Bank account empty!

The entire room. There's a curved shower curtain rod hung up to separate the shitter from the shower. It gives a lot of room in the shower, and you don't feel like there's a terlit just on the other side. I've still got to get the blinds up on the window and mount some shelves, but it's essentially complete.

Next up, painting the house exterior and drywalling & insulating the garage!!