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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Breakfast With Tio Capitan

Sam & Grace Are Jacked Up On Milk & Syrup!!

They could have gone anywhere in Houston for breakfast...

Naturally, we ended up at McDonald's.

Still, it was fun, all things considered. They got pancake syrup smeared in places I didn't think possible, and I learned that Grace had neglected to wear undergarments when she went sliding down the overhead acrylic tube in the McD's playground.

Then, of course, Grace had to go potty. She was OK with going into the Men's bathroom, but once she was seated and taking care of business, I noticed there was no bogwipe. I suppose I could have held her posterior up to the blowdrier, but I dashed out, grabbed a handful of napkins, and returned. Sure hope they flush OK.

I now understand why tranquilizers are known as "Mother's Little Helper". A 90 minute trip with the kids has me ready for three fingers of bourbon and a long nap!

BTW, the goo on their faces is leftover face paint from the party in the park the night before.)