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Friday, June 10, 2011

Speaking Of Whipped Cream...

And Bad Ideas. Don't Forget Bad Ideas!!

OK, the whipped cream comment in the last post got me thinking about Whip-Its.

Did you know you could buy a bucketful of little nitrous oxide canisters on eBay for much cheaper than at the head shops and gourmet food stores?

It's probably been 20 years since I went on a nitrous bender. No, in fact it'll be 22 years this summer.

A bunch of us swarmed into the Cisco Kid's riverfront casa in New Braunfels for my 21st birthday party. The guest of honor was a 5 foot tall tank of nitrous oxide. We handed out Hefty bags at the door. Fortunately, no one crawled into a closet and asphyxiated.

One of my last conscious memories of that evening was someone dropping the tank down the 3rd floor stairwell...

Gadzooks, but it's tempting to buy some laughing gas. 600 of the little buggers for $150!! I wonder if I still have my old brass cracker I bought from Smoke Toys in 1988?