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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

This Won't End Well...

Ringling Brothers Circus Crowd Control??

I ran across the following pic the other day. Someone in Granddad's era got the idea to try mounting a Colt-Browning machine gun atop an elephant:

OK, I'll give 'em points for creative thinking. Needs some fine tuning, though. Like some straps & harness! (And, truth be told, this pic was probably set up as a prank!)

The elephant/MG rig should work great for subduing the Fuzzy-Wuzzies in Deepest Darkest or the peace-loving pygmies of the Upper Volta . Not so good against anyone armed with more than a viciously sharp slice of mango.

Suddenly, I'm consumed with the urge to see someone target Jumbo with a 57 mm recoilless rifle. Would the elephant hide contain the earth-shattering kaboom, or would it scatter elephant entrails for acres??