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Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Furlough Day...

Anyone Want A Yappy Little Dog? The Next Door Neighbors Have One I'll Happily Give Away!

Time once again for an unpaid vacation day, courtesy of The Man.

I'm hoping that these will end in the next fiscal year, but I have a feeling that this might become a permanent state of affairs.

A couple of the Nazg├╝l are making noises about a 4 day workweek. Shut down most departments on Friday, and save the operating costs & utility bills for a 3 day stretch.

Once you've seen the electricity bill for a 27 story office building, you can grasp the logic, but what they haven't addressed is whether or not we'll all go to a 4 x 10 schedule, or just be reduced to a 32 hour work week.

I can manage an unpaid day once a month. Once a week? Not without a significant increase in salary, and I'm not troubled by going on the job hunt trail to get it.

Ah, well. I'll worry about that later. Now I'm gonna go see a flick. Mom wants to see that new pirate movie, and I've volunteered to take her. Dad tends to drop off to sleep these days whenever the lights dim, so no point in him buying a ticket to take a nap.

I'll be hanging out at Cigar Towne this afternoon. Drop by, and sample a tasty stick! The new Perdomo Champagne Noir is out, and they're very nice!