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Saturday, May 21, 2011


The Prime Rib Was Good, But The Filet Looked Better...

I suppose all it takes is two bloggers getting together to call it a blogmeet.

We had three bloggers last night, so we were doin' all right.

Kevin Baker of The Smallest Minority was in H-town on business, and I had the pleasure of joining him for dinner along with Uncle Kenny from Jaded Haven & Washington Rebel.

Over slabs of dead cow & assorted vegetation at Taste of Texas, we talked guns, reloading, local politics & the economics of large scale copper smelting. You know, the usual blogfodder!

Kevin's got me completely intrigued by the Boomershoot in Idaho & the Gunblogger Rendezvous in Reno, Nevada. I've been doing my large-scale blogmeets in Texas and Tennessee, but it's awfully tempting to point the Big Red Ford north by northwest!

I had a great time, and I wouldn't mind doing it again!

Muchas Gracias, Kevin & Kenny!!