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Friday, May 13, 2011

Missed Me By *THAT* Much!

Still Feeding From The Man's Trough

Well, it appears I have dodged the layoff bullet. One of the High Muckity-Mucks called us in to announce that the unlucky 5 in our department had already been given their notifications and departed the premises.

I'm not going to breathe easy until after the 17th, but it looks like I'll remain employed for the time being.

That being said...

This is good:

This is better:

I need to get myself into a position where I can stop the bullets, instead of merely dodging them.

My work ethic keeps my annual review scores high, and this August will be my 7th year with The Man, so I'm likely to remain in the top tier, and out of reach of most of the Grim Reaper's culling.

Still, I'm going to push myself to add some skill sets and certifications. The Layabout Sailor suggested I go for the PHR or SPHR certs, which is a good idea. I had studied for those some years ago, but the $300 price tag seemed a bit much. Guess I'll start saving my shekels, though. A little insurance goes a long way!

Thanks for all your support while the scythe has been mowing down my co-workers. We'll get all the blood out of the carpet pretty soon, and with any luck the worm will turn, and we'll get back to full employment real soon.