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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Enough, Already!!

Grinding A Fad Into The Dirt...

I've just about had it with "Tactical".

It's been a shooting sports buzzword for the past few years, and it's gotten to the point where there's fewer items on the market that don't carry the descriptive term "tactical" than those that do.

F'rinstance... You can get tactical trousers. Tactical underwear. Even tactical bacon. No, really. You can.

Adding to the tactical feeding frenzy is the marketing strategy that every sport shooter wants to be a door-kicking, high-speed/low-drag MOLLE'd-up operator. Just about every firearms manufacturer has jiggered their products to include as many tactical rails as possible, in most cases completely effing up the look of the gun.

The object of the rails is to be able to hang everything from a cupholder to a boombox off the side of your weapon. They even make rails that attach to rails.

Well, they've gone too far, I tell you!

This is my coach gun. A shorty double 12, with absolutely no need for any tactical accessories.

Apparently my gun isn't cool enough. I need rails on it.

Look at this silly shit:

Brought to you by the same fine folks that make laser sights and bayonet mounts for the NAA mini-revolver...