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Monday, April 18, 2011

Two Good Weekends!

A Brief Ray Of Sunshine In The Economic Storm

Well, spring has sprung, and in the midst of drama and turmoil at work, I'm blessed with two good weekends in a row.

Last weekend was my "On the road" Saturday. Early in the morning I wandered down towards Reliant Stadium to do a speaking gig. I dunno if it's politically correct to call the event a beauty pageant these days, though the contestants were quite beautiful!

The speech went well. It's a variation on my usual spiel I give to the mid-level managers who work for The Man.

After that, it was time to head to San Marcos for my nephew Sammy's 6th birthday party. Kid's growing like a weed!

Last year was the big bounce house in the back yard. This year it was water balloons, silly string and a big ol' piƱata. Oh, and the usual collection of 20 & 30-something MILFs, which is why it's easy to talk El Cap into driving out there in the first place...

This weekend began with the ribbon cutting at the new accessible playground built at one of The Man's community centers. It was quite the do, with a lot of top-level muckity-mucks, some of Houston's well-monied movers & shakers, and a speech by The Man herself.

The playground is a marvel. It allows kids in wheelchairs (as well as parents in wheelchairs) to get the playground experience, and not be stuck on the sidelines by a sea of gravel or bark mulch, and equipment that doesn't allow a kid with disabilities to play.

I have to say, this was one of those events that makes my Grinch-like heart swell a bit. I wish I'd gotten a pic of the little blind girl going down the slide, her white cane in her hand.

I got to hang with a three-legged miniature horse, which was given a chance to avoid the dog-food factory by some creative adaptation of a human prosthetic leg and an artificial hoof.

Had my first Sno-Cone in maybe 25 years!

Later that afternoon I headed up north to Serious Cigars for the Texas Cigar Festival. I'd bought my ticket several weeks ago, and I'm glad I did. They sold out, and the Cisco Kid missed out on the 'do.

And quite a 'do it was! They put up two humunguloid tents out back, and stuffed them full of food, beer, liquor and turned us loose.

It's a hell of a bargain, and if you like a cigar, you might want to jump on this next year. For $100, you get a huge sampler bag o' stogies, and they pour all kinds of booze and serve a nice buffet.

Most of the major cigar brands were there. I got to meet Nick Perdomo, Rocky Patel, and the guys from Cain, Drew Estate, La Flor Dominicana and a bunch of others.

The line to get in the tent as it began:

Inside one of the tents:

My stash! I haven't priced the bag's contents, but in addition to the copious amount of Stella Artois & Saint Arnold beer I drank, there's 28 cigars, easily worth twice what the ticket cost.

So, a pretty good pair of weekends, and the weather was spectacular.

Hope yours was good, too!!