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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Like Old Times!!

Bad Vehicle Mojo: The Saga Continues

Well, there's nothing like being stranded by the side of the road with your truck's hood up in the air!!

Hasn't happened in a while. I suppose Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration has been satisfied with the burnt offerings coming out of my tailpipe.

Fairly pain-free this go-round. I've got AAA and it occured next to a McDonalds, so I sat in the A/C and drank iced coffee while things got sorted out.

Just a dead battery. It was having trouble holding a charge, and a test showed a bad cell. So, back to AutoZone for a replacement.

They would only give me $24 on the trade-in, but instead of the $119 price tag, they only charged me the $69 price paid back in 2006. So, a new battery for $50, once you factored in the tax & assorted installation odds & ends.

Of course, this means that the next thing to go wrong will occur 50 miles from nowhere with no cell coverage, and cost the equivalent of Gambia's GDP...