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Monday, June 06, 2011

Never Buy Sushi In The Dark

Not The Weirdest Weekend, But Close!

The Man's layoff appeal cases are staggering, and I'm lucky to get out of here in daylight these days. This morning saw me leaving for work prior to 7AM, which I'm deathly allergic to under normal circumstances.

I went downtown Saturday for a two-fer. I'd gotten 'volunteered' to sit at an info table at the big hurricane preparedness workshop. I had no real advice to give other than "GTFO". We were aiming our spiel towards people with disabilities, trying to get them to plan ahead rather than rely on the guvmint to pull their bacon off the burner.

I doubt much can be done. People with severe disabilities often have severe poverty issues, making relocation impossible, and evacuation difficult. Even if you did pick a nice safe inland locale like, say, Joplin, Missouri, that's no guarantee the Almighty won't squash you like a bug...

Luckily, there was a gun show sharing the convention center, so I was able to do some shopping. Came up dry on most of my list. No knifemaking supply dealers were there, so I'm still lacking some linen micarta slabs to rehaft my sneak-a-dagger. Didn't find any reloading dies for .32ACP, and the 1911 parts guy was absent as well, so I didn't get a stock guide rod and bushing plug for my .45 Auto. (I want to pull out the full length guide rod and see how it does with the old-school recoil management)

I did score a box of .32ACP Hydrashok hollowpoints, and a snapcap for the Swiss K31 rifle. Oh, yeah, I couldn't resist another item for my Sharp & Pointy collection. Since my Cold Steel Culloden is temporarily without a handle, the special guest sneak-a-dagger will be a Cold Steel Safe Keeper II.

Looks like this:

(Clicky for full-size)

Sunday was spent mostly horizontal, with a brief trip to Cigar Towne to decompress before the week's run of layoff appeals started. I skedaddled home when the thunder & lightning started getting rambunctious.

On the way home, I stopped off at the HEB to grab some dead fish & rice from the Sushiya folks in the deli. The power had just gone out in the store except for emergency lights and a few registers. They probably ought to have closed the store, but I got in and rescued some sushi before they took it back to the main coolers.

Unfortunately, the lack of light cause me to make a bad choice in my sushi selection. I had thought the shrimp & avocado roll had either bonito flakes or tempura crispies on top.

Oh, no. This sushi roll, as I found out when I got home (to a house also without power, but that's another story) was the Cheesy Shrimp & Avocado roll.

What made it cheesy? It was rolled in crushed Cheetos. Tasted like cheesy, shrimpy ass, but at $9, I ate the stupid thing.

I kid you not. Crushed Cheetos. You can't make this shit up...