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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Gun Fun

So Many Guns, So Little Money...

Got a spare $8000? You might want to jump on these two:

Collector's Firearms posted their latest acquisitions on their website, and they've got two items for sale that are rarer than hair on a frog with a severe case of alopecia.

First, the uber-weird GyroJet pistol. Instead of bullets, these used tiny little rockets. The Wiki says they had a 1/10 of a second burn, reaching 1250 fps. That's some kinda acceleration!

Kind of a cool idea, but not too practical for a variety of reasons, so it went the way of the dodo.

Needless to say, there's no reloading dies for this sort of ammo, so plan on this being a safe queen or a wallhanger. $1750 + TTL takes it home!

Yabu, you and Elisson ought to team up on this one!! Serious rocket fun!

Next oddity up for grabs is the ASP 9mm. A S&W 439 was run through the gunsmith shop and given see-through grip panels and modified magazines for viewing remaining ammo. The sights were replaced by a trough-like gizmo called a Guttersnipe sight, and the whole rig was tweaked for concealed carry. $6000 takes it home!

I've been going to gun dealers and gunshows since high school, and I've never seen the Gyrojet show up in any form, and only one ASP. Better cash in those savings bonds quick, these won't be there long!