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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Did The Man Just F#&% Up??

He'll Get His Pound Of Flesh One Way Or Another...

OK, this is weird.

I've been taking my mandatory furlough days on the last Monday of the month.

It accomplishes two things. A) a 3 day weekend, and B) it delays the inevitable until the last possible moment.

I just tried to enter my furlough day into the Kronos timekeeping POS suckhole application system, and it's not taking it.

It occurs to me that the check for that week would be paid out of FY2012, not FY2011.

So, if you took your June furlough day in the 1st half of the month, you get docked 'cause you're still in FY2011. If you wait until the last half, you don't get docked??

Nah, they'll pull it manually, I'll bet.

After all, The Man never lets a spare nickel get by...