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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mama, Got Dem Ol' Back-To-Work Blues...

WTF Did I Do Friday Night???

I'd say it was a relaxing weekend, but that might imply that I expended some effort to relax...

I'm pretty sure I left the house at least once. Watched the Indy 500 over at the cigar lounge, but I spend so much time there, it's kinda like an extra den you can smoke in without your bathroom towels soaking up cigar funk.

A four day work-week is always a good thing, and it's payday on Friday, so I won't have to dig up change from under the truck's seat to get enough to ante in the poker game on Friday evening. I really need to work on my budgeting...

Hope you had a good weekend, y'all. I'll try to pick up the blogging pace now that I'm back on a regular schedule!