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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not Quite Food P{}rn...

Odd Food Labels From Afar!

Somehow, I am not reassured by the "Pure Cow" labeling. I mean, Vishnu forbid they use an impure cow! (Ghee is clarified butter, btw...)

I'm not putting this in my mouth. Call me soupophobic if you must.

Tastes even better warm!

As I understand it, it's a case of unnecessary onomatopoeia in food labeling, i.e. the sound of the cap opening and releasing the carbonation. I still think it'll taste like crap...

There's nothing worse than eating dry monkey glands! Glad we've got some sauce!!

Oscar, you may be royalty, but your taste in fish is appalling...

Where exactly in America do we get our hot dogs in glass jars soaked in brine??