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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Booze Reviews - #1

Well, every successful blog's got a gimmick. Guess I'll turn my penchant for sampling alcoholic beverages into a blogschtick of my own.

Editor's note: One of these weeks I'll have some time to set up image hosting. Until then, just use your imagination!

OK, the first candidate is a cider. Specifically, Woodchuck Draft Cider, and in this case, their Granny Smith variety.

This cider comes in a six pack of green Heineken-looking bottles. The twist-off caps are a nice touch, one that all cider makers don't use, but should.
I hate lugging around openers, and I like my dental work too much to chew the cap off.

Cost was about $6.75 for the sixpack, which seems to be the inescapable price these days for anything one step up from fermented swill. God, I miss the days of $2.99 Rolling Rock sixers, before the hipsters caught on and made it popular.

Why cider? I do like beer, but I'm rarely in a beer mood very often. I don't drink often enough to keep a supply of beer in the house, and when I do feel like a drink, about 90% of the time I'm gonna pour liquor anyway. This time, I chose cider for the Kool-Ade factor. It goes down quick and clean, there's usually no funky aftertaste, and it tastes like, well, alcoholic Kool-Ade.

This particular cider started off OK, with a nice crisp & tart apple flavor. No discernible alcohol taste, and if you are of a mind to, you could toss these back pretty darned quick.

However.... the tartness comes back to bite you later. There's a bit of a nasty aftertaste that's uncomfortably reminiscent of that first surge of puke in the back of your throat. You know, the hurl you think you're gonna keep down, but then you forget how shitfaced you are and have that last beer that puts you over the edge into the spinning dizzies, before you finally fall over and blow chunks all over your couch. It almost takes a swig of Liquid PlumR the next morning to scrape that nasty taste out of your mouth.

So, only five out of ten pulltabs on this one, mainly due to the uncomfortable memories the aftertaste caused to well up.

Better luck next time, Woodchuckeroos.