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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Mamma Mia! Thatsa Lotta Red!

The 2004 county-by-county election returns map is up, and the results are interesting.

My home state of Texas went overwhelmingly for Bush, as expected. That little spot of blue in the middle is Austin, our Hippie and 60's Holdover Reserve. The border went for Kerry as well, but that's understandable. La Migra is much nicer under a Democrat, usually. Bush seems willing to disprove that, much to my dismay.

I'm a bit surprised to see Idaho and Wyoming let a blue county slip in. That seemed odd at first, but then I remembered Boise had a lot of people migrate up from Silicon Valley to get HP up and running. Can't say what happened in Wyoming. The Democratic Machine probably registered every bear and buffalo they could find around Yellowstone.

I'm going to see if I can't get the data on the total area for red & blue voters, then compare the blue area to see what state comes closest in size. I'd imagine it would take more than one, all those little blue speckles add up pretty quick. I would bet that CA, OR and MA (you need an East Coast liberal preserve) would do nicely.

Not that I'm advocating moving anyone, mind you. For one, it'd never work, and for two, I've had enough of the divisiveness as it is. The last thing we need are cattlecars (actually, they would probably use auto transporters these days) packed full of liberals heading for internment on the coasts.

Even if the conservatives do have enough of the nation's gun supply to make it happen...