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Monday, November 22, 2004

More search engine fun!

After my initial referral hit from Yahoo's search string "Furry Hand Jobs" that freaked me out a little, I've been keeping track of the hits that come in through search engines.

I've had two hits this week from searches for "Demerara Rum". That's good. When that insane urge to spend $50 a bottle for vodka goes away and Demerara Rum become the new drink of the Yuppies and Barhoppers, I'll be able to say "I've been drinking that for years, you poseurs..."

One recently for "link Roadrunner 44D". #1 on for that one. I guess he's looking for the Warner Brothers cartoon bird after a silicone job.

Another from Netscape Search for "Mickey's Fine Malt liquor pounders". Dunno what that one's about, but no one would ever catch me using "Fine" and "Malt liquor" in the same sentence, unless I was referring to the amount I would have to pay after getting tagged with a Public Intoxication ticket.

One for "Deedledoo", another for "Enfield". Those were just lucky hits.

This latest one worries me... #7 on the Google ranking for "Baboon Butt Transplants". I'm not sure quite what to think about that one. There's got to be some kind of sick freak out there thinking about getting him a big ol' red-assed baboon tuckus grafted onto his posterior. Maybe it's a track & field guy looking for one of those multicolored mandrill asses. That way, he really could take off like a striped-ass ape.

(oh, for proper TaykSis pronunciation of that last one, ya gotta say Stry-Ped assed Ape. Just so ya know!)

UPDATE - 11/23
Another search engine hit on Demerara Rum... It ought to be hitting the cover of "Wine & Spirits" magazine anytime now! Go get some before the yuppies and barcrawlers jack up the prices! And tell 'em El Capitan sent you!

Oh, and a Google hit on 'stupid baboon behavior'. Which pretty much sums up at least 80% of my life...