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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

National Ammo Day #3

National Ammo Day is almost upon us... Be sure and go get your supply!

While I'd like to be able to buy 5 boxes of the wonderful Winchester 185 gr Silvertip hollowpoints, due to recent capital expenditures, I'm probably going to limit myself to 2 boxes of the Walmart Whitebox ammo, plus about 1000 rounds of .22, since I burn through that pretty quick.

So, what recent purchase is cutting into my ammo fund? I'm so glad you asked...

I bought it partly in anticipation of this year's ammo buy, partly because I couldn't pass on the deal I was offered, and partly because I live in Texas and I CAN BUY A HANDGUN FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL!! WOOOHOOOOO!

I'll unveil it completely this weekend. Here's a teaser for now.