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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Not Much To Blog About...

I've got several rants percolating in the brainpan, but I hate to screw up an idyllic weekend by getting all lathered up in righteous anger. Best to keep it bottled up for a day or so, I suppose.

Got a couple of interesting links, for those seeking diversions:

Carnival of the Cats #37 should be up by now over at the Republic Of Seabrook. That blog appears to be the lair of an extreme liberal, but as he's into cats, I'll submit orders to the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to keep him off the "Mysteriously Disappeared" roster until we can find good homes for the animals.

Second link is a timewaster of the first order. Found on Zippo's site, it's a do-it-yourself comic character creator. You don't necessarily need to be into comics to appreciate it. You can sculpt yourself as you'd like to be, and use the pics as blogfodder, if nothing else. I'm gonna use it for some stories I'm working on.

Here's Zippo's creation:

And mine:

Naturally, I needed a sidekick... Aren't we a cute couple?

It doesn't do reality too well, which is not a fatal flaw in a comic character creator. While there is an Expand-O-Gut feature, it doesn't inflate quite far enough. Also, the corresponding Expand-O-Butt feature is missing, along with the Cheek Puffer-Outer and the Hairline Receder.

Still, it's a fun toy. Just watch the clock while you're playing with it! I killed over an hour at work before I knew it!

More rantage this coming week! Stay tuned, campers.