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Monday, December 06, 2004

Raindrops On Roses...

Just because I'm tired of bleating, nitpicking lawyers and pissed off citizens, I'm thinking happy thoughts for the rest of the afternoon. These are a few favorites that produce those happy thoughts....

7-11's Super Big Gulps full of iced tea or Diet Dr Pepper. Actually, any giant Gonzo Gulp will do, but plastic/styrofoam cups with a lot of ice are a plus. Paper cups suck!

Swinging strikeouts on a high outside fastball, leaving a Yankee or two stranded on base.

A pair of jumbo Chicago-style hot dogs at a James Coney Island restaurant.

Little cat feet pawing at your leg, begging for some lap time.

Having someone else clean out the litterbox.

A new CD from Hayseed Dixie or Jimmy Buffett.

Cracking open the seal on a bottle of bourbon and tossing away the cap, knowing & enjoying the fact that it's not gonna last out the night when its shared amongst friends.

Wild-ass pistol shots taken at max range that somehow impact a tango's head. (This is Ghost Recon, not real life. Relax!!)

Crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of the women.

Being halfway through a great book, and knowing you've still got the better half of the book coming up. Alternately, having two more books to go in a trilogy after a real humdinger of a first book. (I speak of these, btw)

Filling a flush to take the pot from some guy with three queens showing.

The thunder of cannon fire and the smell of powder smoke. As long as it's not aimed at me.

Ducks waddling along a shoreline, dibbling their beaks in the water.

A perfect prank pulled off with military precision. No permanent damage, no one goes to jail, message clearly received by target.

Hearing about the latest Windoze security flaws, knowing you won't be affected.