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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Boy Is Named...

...and I disagree. It's not my kid, though, so I've gotta just learn to like it.

My sister has determined that the upcoming baby shall be named Samuel Allen S-. Or Alan. Possibly Alleyn, but I doubt my sister's that hip to Elizabethan dramatists to go that route.

I thought the name was awfully close to a well-known beer brewer, and didn't want the kid to have to go through school with people asking him to pour them a round of brew.

I suppose he'll go by Sam or Sammy. I think I'll call him "Muel", just to piss off my sister.

T-minus 90 days or thereabouts to the forcible ejection of Sammy. I'll probably wait until the kid loses that marinated raisin look before posting a pic.