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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Curse of The Foreign Server

Well, once again, I'm trying to load my page and nothing's happening. Looking at the browser's activity log, I can see everything loaded fine, right up to the point it got to the code for either the Re-Invigorate site or the TTLB site. So, I sit here looking at a blank page and/or missing images because someone else's server crapped out.

Now, this is not a slam at TTLB or Re-Invigorate, more of a swipe at all the assorted hiccups that plague the online world. I'd like to know how many potential readers have bailed because they got tired of waiting for the page to appear. I know I've said "To hell with this!" and hit the back button on many an occasion when I got a page delay.

I already moved the Technorati code to the very bottom of the Blogger template when it proved too unreliable to have it loading before the main window content. I guess I'll do it to all the others as well. Sitemeter seems to be behaving itself so far.

OK, I just got through to the Re-Invigorate, so TTLB is the guilty party this time. There's been a lot of Denial Of Service attacks lately, so perhaps some idjit is screwing with that server.

Sigh. I could never have imagined stressing over downed servers even 10 years ago...