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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Local Idiotarians Sound Off

Must have been a slow news day

It's hard to say which of our local TV news crews is the worst. They're all pretty crappy, each in their own unique way. KTRK-13 just shot to #1 with a bullet, though, as a result of this misguided story:
Controversial local talk show host scrutinized by civil rights groups

ABC13 Eyewitness News
(2/01/05 - HOUSTON) — A controversial Houston talk show host is at the center of his own controversy. Several Houston civil rights organizations are taking a closer look at KTRH talk show host Chris Baker and some remarks he's made on his daily talk show.

Just how far is too far when it comes to talk radio? Isn't it supposed to be outspoken and outrageous? Within reason, says one Houston mother who says Baker has gone overboard. She's called not only a local civil rights group, but also one of the sponsors of Baker's show.
"He lacked professionalism and self control," said Lorraine Johnson.
Johnson is the first to admit she is not a regular listener to the Chris Baker talk show on KTRH radio and does not consider herself a political activist.

"It just so happens my son has been taking me back and forth to work the last couple of weeks and he listens to it and I was listening to it because of him," she told us.

Johnson says she listened to several of Baker's shows discussing the fatal shooting of 14-year-old Eli Escobar by Houston police officer Arthur Carbonneau and the subsequent criminal trial. Johnson says she never heard Baker make disparaging or racial remarks, but says it was his tone of voice that upset her..

"He was disrespectful, you know," she said. "He had an opinion that, it's up to him to have his own opinion, but he was disrespectful."

Johnson contacted local LULAC President Johnny Mata. LULAC is considering filing a formal complaint against the talk show host with the FCC.

"We can debate. We can argue. I don't have a problem with that," said Mata. "You can have control of the mic. But you don't control the airwaves. That belongs to the public."

As for LULAC and the formal complaint, the civil rights group is now working with the NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League to investigate Baker's show.

KTRH issued this statement saying "KTRH radio does not tolerate racist statements and have received no complaints about the broadcast from listeners."
(Copyright © 2005, KTRK-TV)

His TONE OF VOICE????? Jesus H. Christ, lady!! Is he supposed to discuss everything in hushed reverent tones? Perhaps use a Krusty The Klown voice?

Listen up, o ye of the thin skins, delicate constitutions and precariously balanced shoulder chips, 'cause your ol' buddy Cap is gonna dispense some news.



As for Mata and the LULAC Coalition to Ruffle Feathers, well, good luck there, dude. You're more than welcome to try out your Jesse Jackson-style race card flinging, but you're gonna hit a dry hole drilling for racism in Baker's backyard. Go peddle crazy somewhere else, we're all full here.