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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How To Annoy El Capitan

It's Not All That Difficult, Really.

Here's an example of someone with absolutely the best of intentions, and even though I know they mean well, it still just chaps my hide.

I post a quick no-frills death notice for James Doohan, comment on the show that made him famous, and add a personal anecdote.

Then, someone comes along and drops a comment that just twists my BVDs in a knot. Here's the comment:
Mr. Doohan was a soldier and hit the beach on D-Day. So his acting career was the SECOND best achievement of his life.
Look, I know you meant well, Staghounds, but that's some serious cojones to presume to correct me on a matter in which nothing non-factual was said!

I'll argue your premise, too. While I respect Mr. Doohan's service, and am well aware that he caught 6 bullets as part of the Juno Beach landing force, he was on the beach as an active participant for less than a day, one of hundreds of thousands participating in Operation Overlord.

Contrast that to over 30 years of playing Montgomery Scott, arguably making a far greater impact on society overall than he did as an artillery lieutenant.

Either way, it's not for Staghounds nor myself to say what his greatest achievement is. The only one who can make that call is Doohan, and for all we know, he might list his children as his best achievement.

Look, if I post something that's factually incorrect, call me on it. To make a statement like yours, though, is a serious presumption on your part, and kind of misses the point of my post as well.