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Monday, September 12, 2005

Ain't That Weird?

Rejoice, Dear Hearts!

Did some digging out in the garage this weekend. Found all the old Brother Dave Gardner comedy albums, or 'ablums' according to Brother Dave.

These all belonged to my Dad, but I've had them for some time. I was going through his old record collection about 20 years ago, and found Brother Dave most amusing, so I appropriated them, along with all the Sinatra and Tito Puente records.

It's old-school comedy. Long rambling tales, almost "shaggy-dog" like in their roundabout method of reaching the punchline. Then, you get to hear him sing a song or two. Entertainers back then were multitalented, a skill that's lost on the newer crop. Listen to Eddie Murphy sing if you don't believe me!

Brother Dave was an ordained Baptist preacher from Tennessee who decided to preach to an entirely different flock, one that hung out in nightclubs with a two-drink minimum. He's about 110% Dixie in his point of view, and in truth, it's a litle dated these days. Still, there's some truly funny stuff there. I love the bit about differences between Northerners & Southerners, even in foreign lands:

"You got Northern Germans and Southern Germans. Northern Germans, when they say 'Thank You', they say 'Danke Schoen'. Southern Germans, on the other hand, say 'Daawwwnkuh Shaaayne!"

Hehehe, that just kills me... I wish I could remember the bit about the "greaser" motorcycle dude who had the leather helmet with the flaps that unzipped so his sideburns could blow in the breeze. The bit about the birth of rock 'n' roll going back to David & Goliath is pretty funny, too.

Dig through those old ablum collections, Dear Hearts! There's good stuff to be found!