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Thursday, September 08, 2005

No KoolAid Here!

Give Credit Where Credit's Due

Frequent commenter Rorschach was wondering if I'd been drinking of the Magic KoolAid after I posted a favorable message concerning a Democrat.

It's no secret I'm not a fan of the extreme left wing, and that in the past I've blasted Hizzoner for some of his wilder ideas (the SafeTow program, mainly).

Still, he's a good man in a largely thankless job. He's making serious efforts to look for new sources of income for the City's coffers, and while I personally dislike most of the schemes, I'm bright enough to realize that in a budget shortfall, the alternatives are to either cut City services to citizens or cut City personnel.

Mayor White also has a very strong sense of ethics, something lacking from a large percentage of politicians. The corruption that was allowed to flourish under the "Out-Of-Town Brown" administration is slowly being rooted out, and replaced by people committed to doing the job in a legal and moral fashion.

White was also a successful businessman before he went into politics, and that shows in his approach to solving problems. He doesn't set up lengthy commissions to study issues, or hire his cronies as "consulting firms"*, he acts quickly and decisively with the resources at hand. No, the quick solutions don't always succeed, but he's good at adapting his plans as necessary to fit the current situation.

Yeah, he's a Democrat, but he's a old-school Texas Democrat, which ain't all that different from a West/East coast Republican. The minor differences in political philosophies between he & I, I can live with come voting time. I'd much rather have a guy that steps on the occasional toe, but gets things done, as opposed to a person who tries to please everyone, and gets nowhere.

*Yes, I'm aware he hired his buddy David Saperstein as Traffic Czar. That person gets the stupendous sum of $1 a year for his duties. I think I can let that bit of cronyism slide...